The Open Road

This afternoon, I made the long drive back to my parent's house. This makes the third time I've made that trip in as many weeks--I'll be driving back to Lubbock on Thursday--and I haven't made the trip that often in that short span of time since I was a freshman in college. Almost 10 years ago. My disbelief at the passage of time is the subject of a different post, however. 

Anyway, I have discovered that there is a finite set of options once can experience on a road trip such as this one, and I'm here to share those with you:

  • Excitement.
    This is so much fun! Look! I can still get all of my favorite radio stations! No need to dip into my favorite jams on my phone, yet! 
  • Radio Silence.
    Alllllllright. There goes the last one. Now it's just rude talk radio and weird sermons--phone music it is! Yes! I LOVE ALL OF THESE SONGS!
  • Nope. 
    I HATE ALL OF THESE SONGS. Why don't I have more music? 
  • Radio Round Two.
    No? Just 87 country stations? Cool.
  • I'm 85 Years Old.
    This is where I give it up and spend the rest of the car ride (about 5 hours) catching up on podcasts/listening to an audiobook. 

I find that the less I resist the 85-year-old stage, the quicker the trip goes. 

So, now I'm at my parent's before heading on to Austin tomorrow evening for (hopefully exciting/insightful) work things I'm sure I'll update you on as they come. 

Have a good Sunday night, everyone!