So, today's been a really good day.  

I slept in, which was glorious, did a little window shopping, which is never as fun as actually buying things, but is more cost effective. I drove to Littlefield to visit my sister, her husband, and the most precious niece in the world:  



I got her some outfits the other day, and a copy of the board book version of Pride and Predjudice whch I can't suggest highly enough. We read it a couple of times



Fun fact: my niece has now read P&P before my sister has. (Spoiler, sister: 10,000 pounds is how much Mr. Darcy made in a year. The fact that I just broke down and told you that because YOU DIDNT KNOW BECAUSE YOUVE NEVER READ IT is highly upsetting.)

Then, we had a dance party, went and got snow cones  



Where the snow cone lady was offended by my just wanting strawberry. Not exciting enough, I suppose. 

Cayton had several emotional meltdowns which were concurrently hilarious and sad. 

A former student posted this on her Facebook: 


And then I got all emotional about it. It's fine.

Then I got to hang out with a friend and just talk for a while. It was good times. It's possible we had cinnamon rolls at like ten o'clock at night. Like a couple of adults. 

Today was a good day.