So, today was our first day back on duty at work and it was so, so great.

We have a lot to celebrate at our campus, and it's bee super great being back together with all of our staff. We had a really small staff turnover, and even though the first few days back have always seemed boring and bogged down with back-to-school meetings, ours was flavored with this crazy, joy-filled tone.

We earned all seven TEA distinctions for our school--again, if you're not a Texas teacher, that may not mean anything to you. But it's a really exciting thing. Of over 8,000 secondary schools, only 153 earned all 7 distinctions. And we're one of them. There are two other secondary schools in Lubbock who earned all seven, but we're the only school with demographics like ours. 

Schools are compared in groups of 40 with similar demographics and a bunch of different factors, and our school was ranked first. Of all 40 schools. 

A group of teachers and I went to lunch wearing our school shirts, and three separate groups of people stopped us to congratulate us on our success, which was so, so nice. 

It's been a freaking great day.