Living with a roommate as a grown adult person with another grown adult person is as wonderful as it is sometimes challenging. I think that it's different for everyone in every situation, but I have been reminded more and more lately how grateful I am for mine. 

It certainly doesn't hurt that we're great friends, and have been for several years, but we've lived together for about a year and a half and I'm grateful for her. Sometimes in more profound ways: when we have a disagreement and we have to figure out how to work it out like sane adults. She sometimes challenges what I thought was a concrete idea I had about what I thought about something specific, and almost always plays devil's advocate when I get all indignant about something. Which might be frustrating, but is always helpful, ultimately. 

Other times, I'm really grateful for her because of how different we are. I think it helps me grow as a person always having her around to challenge and show me something I didn't think of before. 

And then, times like tonight, it's really nice to have someone to be completely ridiculous with. She does more than her fair share of being the better friend in the situation by putting up with my ridiculousness. 

What happened this evening? Well, we played a fun game where I pulled up my iTunes and there was a "Wedding Party" (rude, iTunes...) playlist, so I played 30 seconds of a song and roommate decided if it's something she would play at her reception. It turns out I apparently got too upset that she would choose not to play "Drop It Like It's Hot" at her reception. I can't with that information. Her response: "yeah...I don't think you're as separated from your hometown as you think you are." 

Then we had a great time reminiscing over the dumb music preferences younger versions of ourselves were super into. Good times. 

So, here's to the roomie: you're the best, dude.