Why Alamo Drafthouse is the Best Place to Watch a Movie

  1. Assigned seats.  
  2. The above reason means that you don't have to get to the movie crazy early & stress about getting good seats.  
  3. Zero talking/cell phone policy.  
  4. The above reason means that you cantattle  on people who are being obnoxious at movies. Which, it turns out is a lot of people. But also: knowing you can be tattled on helps curtail some of that. 
  5. The food they serve is delicious. The down side to this is that PEOPLE EAT SO FREAKING LOUD. If you know me well, you're aware that this is a problem for me in all areas. I get it. It's my crazy. The food-eating noises, but my goodness. It's enough to drive me crazy. But again, it's delicious. If you order cookies, they literally don't start baking them until after you order. 
  6. They have showings of super awesome old movies.  
  7. The before movie entertainment is legitimately hilarious. They show random YouTube videos and other related (sometimes randomly) stuff to whatever movie you're seeing.
  8. Themed nights. Beyoncé Sing-Along? 90's Pop Hits Sing-Along? Alllllll kinds of Quote-Alongs. 

Can you tell I'm at Alamo to watch a movie? 

Have a great night, everybody!