The Writer's Block

Hey, party people. I'm struggling with today's post. And I debated about coming up with something random to write about, or coming clean about the struggle. Clearly, the second option won out. 

I set this goal for myself--write on the blog three times a week. and knowing myself, I think that's wise. If not, I would have just gone to bed, called it a wash, and wrote again who knows when, when the mood struck me. But as you could see from the history of my blogging (bless it--posts almost exactly a year apart...all starting the same way, 'We're doing it this time, guys! Consistency!' and then the same think would happen again), that I need structure, even if it's made up rules. 

I was talking to my dad about this just yesterday, asking him his thoughts on my thoughts I wrote down, stuff like that, and I shared that I sometimes have no idea what to say. If I even have anything to say. And he said, "So, write about it. Maybe it's something super short, or random, but the point is to do it, and keep doing it" and I think that's super great advice. 

I have a couple of ideas kicking around in my head, but they're not fully developed, and it feels like I can't get over the hump of writer's block to make it happen. 

And sometimes, that the process. So. Here we are.

I'll be back next week with some new ideas, and some pictures, and some snark. It'll be a party.