Good Things

Here is a list of good things that happened today:

  • German food for dinner
  • Swam in the pool
  • Slept in
  • Read for like, 3 hours
  • Decided that teaching myself piano via YouTube videos was a great idea
  • Decided against that after about 15 minutes
  • Confirmed our family Christmas vacation destination. Spoiler alert: #CaytonsTakeCozumel 
  • Holding myself to only one comment to Dad when he started eating chips right before we went to dinner
  • Got info on our friendcation for next summer. 
  • Learned how to say 'thank you' in Danish: mange tak. 

It's been a good day. 

I only have a couple more days here with my parents, and it's both good and bad, I think. I miss my own bed, and my cat, and hanging out with my friends, but I haven't spent considerable time here in a long time, so it's been nice to just hang out with my parents and revisit the places around town. 

Hope yours has been a good one, too.