This Week in Awesome

I know, I know, the week isn't over yet. But, when there's an overwhelming amount of things to be celebrate, why wait? 

Following this jibber-jabber is a series of pictures from the last few days that have been awesome. Now, if you read yesterday's post, you might be thinking something along the lines of, "but wait...didn't you just say that we post too much of the perfect-looking all the things?" and the answer is yes. But I would also say that sometimes, when it's really easy to focus on the things that aren't so awesome, it's appropriate to celebrate (via a few pretty sweet pictures) all that is. 

I know, I featured the failed blueberry no-bake pie on the blog yesterday. But I've repurposed it, and now refer to it as vanilla blueberry pudding. And it's delicious when you stop thinking of it as a pie. Turns out, we think I over-mixed the ingredients. Who knew? 

I don't remember where I saw this. Probably Pinterest. But I love it. Easier said than done, RWE. 

This week also commemorates the moment when I became the person who takes pictures of her food, shamelessly. Again, whatever. We went to Slim Chickens for dinner, and it turns out a former student works there; I'd never been, so I let him pick my meal, and he crushed it. Chicken & Waffles from this place is amazing.

This week, I got blue in my hair and also got my half-sleeve shaded. A wholly positive experience on both sides. The blue is temporary, and the sleeve is one step from completion. It just occurred to me that the 15-year-old version of myself would think both of these things was super cool and rebellious. Bless her. More on that sleeve at a later date. 

This week also marks my roommate's 26th birthday. So, we did what any self-respecting group of adults would do and threw her a John Hughes Birthday party:

It turns out I never want to be without giant number balloons in the house again.

I'm probably too proud of this. 

We maybe put all 40 candles on the cake. And it maybe melted the icing on top. 

Sparkler Candles deserve their own video, I think. 

These "over-celebrate" cups are the best. 

A pretty rad group of costumers. 

Let it be noted here that the 1980's were not messing around with the layering thing. I mean, anyone who knows me know that I love a good layering situation, but the 80's were on a whole other level. I wasn't prepared. Truly don't know how they walked around in sports coats all the time. Good on you, Molly Ringwald. 

I had a real moment at Target today where I had to stop myself from buying every adorable niece-sized piece of clothing I saw. So, I settled for these things. 

LOVE this new print above my desk in the office. 

I got watercolors today, because I'm trying new things. And they're super pretty.

So, this week I got myself a journaling Bible. And inspired by what I've seen other people doing, I decided to give it a try. I often have a hard time consistently reading the Bible, and consistently journaling, but this was a ridiculous amount of fun. I have no idea what I'm doing with watercolors, but the whole process was super enjoyable. 

While getting ready to Bible-journal, my adorable cat, Agatha Christie, jumped on the scene. Doing what she does: 

Bless her. 

Shortly after that video was taken, I had to cover the top of the measuring cup...which she swiftly uncovered and continued to clean her paw with until I started using it to paint. She was super offended. 


Alright. So, you may have already known this, but AirDrop is just the coolest thing. It's fine. You just press the little thing and then your computer downloads the picture or video or whatever. The future is now.  


So, there you have it! This week in Awesome. There have been plenty of less-than-awesome things, but there always are. Here's to celebrating the good! 

What's been a stand-out for you this week?