Pole Vaulting in Dorm Rooms and Other StuCo Adventures

Hello, wonderful readers! I hope this post finds you well. I am positive that I will have to come back at a later date and make what I'm writing here make sense as I am delusionally tired (interesting, that this is a recurring theme when spending consecutive days with students without a break...).  

I am at Student Council Camp this week with my StuCo officers for next year and we have been having a fantastic time. My kids are really exceptional, and it's been a joy getting to watch them interact with each other here, but also getting to watch them step up and help lead groups that are filled with students from other schools is exciting. 

Being here this week makes me think back to being here last year with kids that were basically strangers to me (and each other in some cases) and how different I felt like that experience was from this one. I truly love those now-high-school students, and so it's fun for me to start learning my current officer's personalities and different little quirks knowing what a difference a year makes. That at the end of this coming school year, these four kids will be some of the most difficult to say goodbye to.  

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Really, I've loved watching my students interact and share ideas with students from schools who normally wouldn't necessarily think they had much to hear or learn from our school. But things are changing; my kids feel a lot of pride in how positive an impact they've seen the students who came before them have, and they want to see more of that. And be a part of it.

I mean, they are still middle schoolers, not a bunch of Gandhi's--they are PUMPED about going to a huge mall tomorrow. And in anticipation of the banquet we're having on Thursday, a sweet boy from another school asked one of my sweet girls if she'd "accompany him to the banquet." I can't, they're so cute. 

It's been an amazing week. I feel like I've learned so much about how to do StuCo well in the last year, and that we're all getting a lot more out of the experience this year as a result. And truthfully, I'm being challenged like the kids are. Being on staff this year means that I have had to step outside where I'm comfortable and figure out how to lead and guide a type of student that I'm not used to, who much more closely resembles who I was as a middle schooler (spoiler: middle class, super sassy, sometimes mean girl) than my people, who I love dearly.  

Its been a good week. I'll be updating you on my thoughts as a whole after (hopefully) more sleep toward the end of the week. So, stick with me--I'll return to posting while able to string together a cogent thought really soon.  

I'll leave you with this gem: 


That's right. Making it onto the bed in the dorm room I'm staying in requires a pole vaulting background. Or an unstable desk chair. Whatever. They're basically the same thing.