How To Get Away With Pomeranian Lists.

Hello, friends! 

I'm writing to you from good ole Canyon, TX--home, for the next two days, of the Google Summit which has truly made my dreams come true. 

I don't mean to over-sell this, people, but the things that I've learned about/gotten to do today have been beyond. I'm probably going to end up writing in more detail about it tomorrow, because I can't help myself. 

I do, however, want to share a few of the super entertaining/interesting Google apps and programs that we've looked at today...truly, nerding out in such a major way. A little disclaimer, a couple of these are Chrome-specific apps and extensions, so you'll have to be using Chrome for the links/apps to work.

  • AdBlock Plus - This is an extension for Chrome that once installed, prevents you from ever having to sit through 15 second ads between YouTube videos ever again. Clearly, I think it's great. Add it to your Chrome, people! 
  • Let Me Google That For You  - Y'all. So, when someone emails you a completely Google-able question instead of Googling it themselves, it can get annoying. Enter: LMGTFY. Let's say that you're known for knowing your stuff with photoshop, or how to turn off notifications on your iPhone, or where to find whatever. And people ask you these questions constantly, instead of doing what the rest of us do--which is Google it. You just go to the site, enter the term they're searching into the search bar, copy the link that comes up at the bottom of the page, and email it to the person. Below is an example of what happens when they click on said link: 

As the caption of the video says, "For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves." Enjoy. 

  • Timesify - You. Guys. I know it seems disingenuous for me to think everything is hilarious and wonderful, but this is definitely also the case for Timesify. Here's the deal. If you find joy (as I sometimes/often do) in reading a classic "23 Pomeranians Who Want to Cheer You Up" (and yes, I know it was just the other day when I was in a tizzy about BuzzFeed, and fighting the native-advertising powers that be, and all that. But ya know, sometimes a sister just needs a Pomeranian list. And it's not sponsored content. So. Boom). Anyway, if you're needing your daily adorable kitten post, or Bachelorette article like the one below:

Buuuuut, you're in a place where you're embarrassed to read it with the clearly less-than-academic features so prominent. In Chrome, you just click on the Timesify link you added to your Bookmark Bar, and then this happens: 

I mean. Yes. It turns whatever website you're on into what looks like The Times. I can't. Fake headline and all. AND, in case someone walks past your cubicle and is curious about what you think about India's plan to fix their train system, the top of the page has a little paragraph entitled, "In case anyone asks" Again, I super can't. I just think that's so clever. And hilarious. 


Google Summit Day one has been amazing--and I promise I've been getting a TON of ideas for my actual classroom (all of these came from the end of the day Demo slam [a place to nerd out over all the Google things that are amazing and random that you maybe didn't know existed.], so there's an entire day's-worth of stuff I'm still processing. Super excited to learn more tomorrow, and then share with you here. 

Let me leave you with this guy: 

You're welcome.