Three Weeks

So, it's been three weeks since school has gotten out, and I thought I would record here how that time has gone down. 

  • I got my half-sleeve outlined. I am obsessed with it, and by the time summer is over, it should be finished. I'm pretty pumped. 
  • I ordered my bridesmaid dress for a sweet friend's wedding in the fall. And it's super pretty. Well done, bride-friend. 
  • Led a fantastic group of 8th grade girls at our youth camp, and it was awesome. I spent the afternoons of the following two days taking some pretty spectacular naps to adjust back to feeling like a human.
  • Started teaching summer school. That's coming to an end on Tuesday, and it's pretty crazy. 
  • Celebrated (mostly thanks to TimeHop's reminder) the three year-iversary of being offered my job. I remember that day so vividly, and I'm grateful for the reminder of that initial feeling of just overwhelming joy. I still love my job so much, and I think that it has a lot to do with where I get to work. 
  • I saw Jurassic World with my friends and y'all. It is just the best. I know, it's a summer blockbuster so how good can it actually be, and all that. But let me tell you. It's amazing. I want to watch it 7 more times. 
  • Decided against the planner I talked about hereIt was a whole thing. but I went back to Erin Condren, which I used before. I'm debating whether or not to talk all about it when it comes in. But there's an over-abundance of people who do that in the most minute detail. So, we'll see. 
  • Then, today, I got to babysit my niece, and it was. The. Best.
 Minnie Mouse is our jam. 

Minnie Mouse is our jam. 

 Sofia the First and goldfish. 

Sofia the First and goldfish. 

She is about a year and a half old, and a whole bunch of sass. I love it. 

How have your first few weeks of summer been?