All Rat-Racey Up In Here.

So, its been a while since my last post, and I feel like one of two things are always happening. Either I'm going a thousand miles an hour, with more things to do than I feel like I have time to do them, or I'm crashing (which includes doing nothing productive at all) from the aforementioned marathon-ing. The back and forth motion of it is pretty dizzying, so my internal voice goes from thinking, "Man, I'm getting a LOT of stuff done, I'm totally owning today!" to, "Ugh. I got a lot done, sure. But there are still about 30 things on the short term to-do list, and all I want to do is catch up on The Bachelor. Yeah. Let's do that." And then after watching The Bachelor and questioning YET AGAIN why Vienna hasn't been sent right on home, I realize that I've wasted that time, and now feel even guiltier than before about the looming list of things that have to be done.Now, this isn't a new feeling, and please know that I don't think I'm the only one who's ever felt this way, but dang if sometimes I'm not just completely over it. For real. However, making things different means accepting the reality that there are going to be weeks where I feel like I've gone non-stop, and while that's a really rewarding feeling, there are also going to be days where the exhaustion from constantly going and doing (the necessary and not so much the fun) overpowers that triumphant, accomplished feeling. I'm also willing to admit that I think I would prefer that--for maybe a month. The thing is that eventually, my mind logically thinks that after going seemingly non-stop for a few weeks, or a month, that I'd be "caught up" and that the to-do list would shrink, and then free time to watch The Bachelor, or take a nap (yes, please!) would just appear. Except that doesn't happen. For every thing checked off that list, at least one thing is added. It seems like it doesn't stop, and so I choose the random free time. I create non-productive time for myself because I want to have it, and if I don't make it happen, its not going to. And maybe I didn't read as in-depth as I needed to for Constitutional Law, but I've chosen and practiced some worship songs for next week's chapter, or won a game of Cranium with my friends! See, the thing is I don't hate it. I am SO grateful that I've been blessed with so many things going on. And, I love it. I love being busy, and I even appreciate the guilty feeling that comes with not getting everything I needed to done, because it means that I have the opportunity every day to do things I might not have gotten to do before, or that other people don't get to enjoy doing. That includes you, Going To Class. I think I stretch myself thin, because I want to take advantage of the opportunities I've been given. There's a trade-off that happens every time I decide to veg out for a few hours, but at the end of the day, I'm grateful to have that mile long to-do list waiting on me :)

Highlights of this week: 1. I have incredible, hilarious, caring friends who I wouldn't trade for the world 2. MOG's God's Love dinner was incredible. I really don't have words to describe what a blessing it was in my life to see such an incredible example of Christ's affection for us, especially women, displayed by men who truly are reflections of His image. It was really encouraging to see men wanting to honor women as Christ honors the church.

Okay. Well, having written this from my phone waiting for Spanish to start (doom!) I hope it made sense and that y'all enjoy it!

Until the next nonsensical post,