Alright. So, I'm not doing so well at this punctuality thing. Definitely planned on blogging much earlier in the week, in fact I even added it in my To-Do list in my phone! With a reminder alarm deal set! Yeesh! Anyway, my bad.

On another note, I think my tweeting might be affecting my ability to write in long bursts as opposed to 140 character snippets, which is ironic because when i first started tweeting I always got really frustrated because it seemed pretty much impossible to keep things limited to only that much space, and now I seem to have the opposite problem. I guess maybe that means I'm tweeting too much? But look at me go! Writing long sentences, and stringing them together into sensical thoughts! Still got it. Ha.

Also, y'all, there is just so much to talk about. My new neighborhood is literally over-flowing with hilarious/bizarre characters. Natalie and I like to keep the curtains open during the day because we both prefer natural light, and really, why the heck not!? Anyway, today alone has provided me with some pretty interesting material. As you can see from my twitter feed to the right, I tweeted (what a shock..) about some dudes pulling up in front of our house to snap a picture of the lady's house next door who might be probably is a cat lady. If it weren't creepy, and would make me just like the rude guys earlier, I'd take a picture and show you, but I'm not, so you'll just have to imagine it.

So, speaking of Natalie, as some of you may or may not know, I recently moved--as in a few weeks before this semester started--and I love it here. I love my new house, I love my new roommate, I love my new roommate's dog, Sam, I love living so stinkin' close to J&B, I love that I walked to school last week. Walked, you guys. Nuts. I used to live, oh, roughly 100 blocks from campus. Now I can walk to school. So refreshing. Anywhaaayy--so going into living with Natalie, we really didn't know that much about each other. In fact the story of us actually finding one another is really crazy in itself, and I know I'll take forever writing it, so I'll put that off for another time. But going into this, I knew enough about her to know that I wouldn't have a problem living with her: we're very similar in the way we like to keep our homes, we seemed to have really similar personalities, etc. Well the only thing that I was unsure of was whether or not she loves the Lord. After praying about it, and thinking about it a lot, I decided that it is what it is, and that she knew enough about me to know that I try my best to follow Christ's example, and so it shouldn't prove to be a problem if she didn't. "What the heck," I thought to myself, "what's the worst that could happen?" Honestly, since moving out of the dorms my freshman year, I've lived only with other Christians, and in all those years, the ones that were the most verbose about their religiousness turned out to be probably the worst, in my experience, to live with (not to say that the two are directly related, but there might be something to the fact that religion was their focus, and not expressing and living Christ's love--and it showed in their friendship/roommate-ship). So, I'm thinking, if she's not a Christian, she's shown enough respect for me and my faith not to go all cray cray about it, so I should be golden.

Man, when the Lord provides (which is always), and I get out of my own head long enough to notice it (which is not often enough), it's nuts. Not only does Natalie love the Lord, but while we have a little different perspective on some things, we are so similar in how important He is in our lives, and how disenchanted we've become with "religious posturing" as Don Miller so brilliantly worded it not too long ago. And here's the crazy part: in all those years of living with Christians, years, I can probably count on one hand the number of times we've sat down and talked about Christ, evangelism, Love, theology, etc. Now, I'm not taking the high-and-mighty road here, I'll take a good chunk of credit for that not happening in the past. But, can I tell you, Natalie and I have probably had more conversations about Christ, evangelism, Love, theology, and so much more, than not since I've known her. Again, nuts.

So, this brings us to "igualmente." The other night, I made dinner for myself and a friend, and then we went to a Kappa Chi house party. Before we left the house, Natalie came home from having dinner with friends and was getting ready to go out with some friends of hers. No big deal. Well, I got home around 1 and realized I hadn't finished some work I needed to do for, well, work. I wasn't tired, so I decided to hang out in the living room with Sam and do it. At around 3:30 (I know, I know. Livin' all crazy cause it was a Friday night. Wooo!) I got done and decided to head upstairs for bed. Well, right as I was closing up shop on the computer, Natalie came home. We had some small talk, and then after asking her how her night went, one thing led to another, and Christ was all up in the middle of the convo. Love it. So the minutes clicked along, and before I knew it, it was 4:00. And y'all, I can't remember another conversation that I've loved getting to be a part of more, at least recently. We were honest and transparent with one another, becoming closer through conversation, and it was great. I am so blessed, and not in that, like, cliche way that people say when they're just trying to be nice. I mean blessed like, more blessed than I can even see, so blessed I'm having trouble telling the blessing apart from one another. And it's, you guessed it, nuts.

At the end of our conversation, tears had been shed, it was 4:15 and we were both tired. Before we each went to bed, I just needed her to know that it meant more than a lot to me, so I told her about all the Christian girls I'd lived with for all the years I'd lived with them. As I was talking her eyes were watering, I told her about how in all that time, the conversations about Christ happened so few and far between, and how she, an un-assuming Christ-follower, who's much quicker to point out her own broken-ness and flaws than anything prideful, has taken more time out of her life to genuinely build a relationship through conversation, especially conversation about Christ, than, I think, any of my other roommates ever had. I thanked her for taking the time, every time, even at 4 in the morning to share that with me. I told her I valued her friendship, and that I thank God for having us know each other in the most unlikely of circumstances. If you know me well, you know that more often than not, when I'm passionate about something/someone, I can get a little wordy. But Natalie (as so many of you precious friends are) was patient with me, and didn't need to say  anything in return. But she did. Through teary eyes and a smile she waited a beat, and then said, "Igualmente." My eyes teared up, and she said, "It means so much more in Spanish than the English words that it translates to describe." We hugged and went to bed.

After, I prayed, and then tweeted about my gratefulness. :) Yeah, maybe cut back on The Twitter. :)

Until sometime later this week (with, I promise, something funny),