So, here's the plan.

Ok, so originally I was thinking I would make a New Year's Resolution that had to do with this blog. The idea was that I would (starting today) write here each day. Not a world changing super lengthy post, but just something each day... And maybe that will happen, who knows. As I continued to think about it in the days leading up to today, I felt kind of overwhelmed. I've tried to blog a few times before, but it's never made it past the first few posts. I want that to change--I'd like something to be able to post thoughts and all that jazz to, but I don't want to feel overly obligated to it, because once it becomes a chore, usually I'll stop. Not just blogging, but things in general that aren't necessities to living. Haha, and I know how dramatic that sounds, but it's the truth. Usually I'm not super great at finishing things. I start a lot of things, stick with a lot of them, but see only a small percentage of those things through to the very end. I don't like that, and want to see it change.

So, here's what I'm thinking of doing. Instead of having an obligation to post every single day, for an entire year, starting on January 1st, today (Happy New Year, by the way!), I'm thinking about making this blog about my 23rd year. My birthday is 10 days from today, and it is SO incredibly important to me to take advantage of each day of this 23rd year that I'm given. Not that taking time that could be used for about 348920374 other things to blog about it is the brightest solution, but writing is freeing, and I like it, so: starting on my 23rd birthday, January 11, 2010, I'm committing to writing here at least once a week (but basically as much as possible) for one year. The twenty-third year. I like it. Hopefully people will start reading it. Or not. Maybe. Not sure how I feel about the idea of people reading my life, but sharing is caring, right? Haha.

Ok, well I'm gonna get back to watching a re-run of the Biggest Loser Finale. Dang, I love that show. Okay, well have a wonderful rest of January 1st, and I'll catch y'all AT LEAST by January 11th, if not before then!

Seacrest out.